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30 - Wrong Time





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O Canada
O Canada Uukausi sitten
I’m not even a seltzer guy but I’ll give it a try, bring it to Canada boys
FIGUEROOAA03 5 päivää sitten
Christopher 12 päivää sitten
@terrell poitras hellll yeaaah gotta get this out here man
Nathan Thorsen
Nathan Thorsen 14 päivää sitten
British Columbia, Canada boys 🇨🇦
will frmda
will frmda Uukausi sitten
Get it to Winnipeg Manitoba and Selkirk Manitoba
Jami Laiho
Jami Laiho Uukausi sitten
sugma nuts
Dan Morton
Dan Morton 2 minuuttia sitten
Love it . You boys are top ... youd have to change the name in the uk , seltzer is a painkiller or something
JopzzSD 10 tuntia sitten
Pineapple cream flavor. That’s a hit
Gictor official
Gictor official 15 tuntia sitten
FBI coming for you be careful you got power in your Hands 🙌🏻
Grizza Leng
Grizza Leng 18 tuntia sitten
so forced out. fast. with shitty brand name n marketing some satanic shit goign on some where.
Troy Allen ArT
Troy Allen ArT Päivä sitten
Albryan Cambra
Albryan Cambra Päivä sitten
Need happy dad in Hawaii
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller Päivä sitten
How can i purchase this in michigan?
Utem Tilsin
Utem Tilsin Päivä sitten
Im an old man. I just started watching these guys yesterday. Ill go get a case of these and check it out. Lets go, Happy Dad.
Josh O'Brien
Josh O'Brien Päivä sitten
Whens it coming to fl
Gerald Fernando
Gerald Fernando 2 päivää sitten
this video is sooo satisfying guys luv u guys keep up da great fucking work
mma220 2 päivää sitten
Congratulations ......Hop i will be able to try it one day bring it to Iceland :)
sharpie 2 päivää sitten
get happy dad to norway bros!!!!!!
Jesse Ayala
Jesse Ayala 2 päivää sitten
I live by Fresno California I'm ready for a job
Chase Hill
Chase Hill 2 päivää sitten
Good shit! Hoping to see it in TX soon. Ordering some in the mean time
c ditzler
c ditzler 2 päivää sitten
no shit that was the best video you ever made in my opinion very happy for you Kyle yer a good kid
Laura Heinz
Laura Heinz 2 päivää sitten
I work at a brewery. Dads are huge there And we would love to work with you.
John Schober
John Schober 2 päivää sitten
Beer store only. Screw the LCBO.
vault 2 päivää sitten
lemme sip the sip
Brandon Sigala
Brandon Sigala 2 päivää sitten
I want one but I stay over in the southern states.
Marcus Rislund
Marcus Rislund 2 päivää sitten
Fucking kenny Powers that makes your beer, thats awesome 🍻🍻
bLUNTmeh 2 päivää sitten
Let's goooo boys!
T Backlun
T Backlun 2 päivää sitten
Bring it to Saskatchewan Canada boys 🍻
Connor Waldo
Connor Waldo 2 päivää sitten
6:43 kyle smh wish u would have given a name drop to who came up with the name fffff
Connor Waldo
Connor Waldo 2 päivää sitten
7:06 kyle speaking the truth
Connor Waldo
Connor Waldo 2 päivää sitten
8:40 lmao " this looks like a campaign for Hilary Clinton...we can't have that"
Mason Maurice
Mason Maurice 3 päivää sitten
what about mexico 😂
grant doyle
grant doyle 3 päivää sitten
im australian what the fuck is seltzer
Brady Knowz best
Brady Knowz best 3 päivää sitten
Bring us a good seltzer FINALLY. cant wait for it to get to idaho
zieggy22 3 päivää sitten
Az boys
zieggy22 3 päivää sitten
Nelkster seltzer
Eliyah bohadana
Eliyah bohadana 3 päivää sitten
If the wolf says it’s good, it’s good
Eliyah bohadana
Eliyah bohadana 3 päivää sitten
Can we get some happy dad in montreal?
Jasmine Victoria.
Jasmine Victoria. 3 päivää sitten
I feel like Nelk dont include enough of salim and hold him back
Tyler Humbert
Tyler Humbert 3 päivää sitten
We need a Happy Dad tall boi, n make it as strong as a 4 loco!!!
Tea4 Me
Tea4 Me 3 päivää sitten
Bought my first pack in Nevada at Lee’s liquor fuckin some pretty good adult juice
Aaron Lajimodiere
Aaron Lajimodiere 3 päivää sitten
Lisp lisp lisp ha ha ha
Jon Luke
Jon Luke 3 päivää sitten
Luke's Aviation and F1
Luke's Aviation and F1 3 päivää sitten
Come to London!
Andypols!! !!
Andypols!! !! 4 päivää sitten
Is happy dad in Miami?? I want!
cameron meadows
cameron meadows 4 päivää sitten
bring it to NC
Anthony Carbone
Anthony Carbone 4 päivää sitten
happy daddy in australia? it'll go off here
o r
o r 5 päivää sitten
Theses guys got put the matrix bro fucking literally
o r
o r 5 päivää sitten
They're fucking geniuses
Deklyn Reid
Deklyn Reid 5 päivää sitten
Can we get happy dad in Australia for the boys? Just turned 18 last month and I wanna smash a case of these seltzers. Never had a seltzer before either!
Aaron Lajimodiere
Aaron Lajimodiere 3 päivää sitten
Be a man not a pussy seltzer is garbage
FIGUEROOAA03 5 päivää sitten
Glen Harrison
Glen Harrison 5 päivää sitten
Hopefully it comes 2 Australia 4 sure would buy it
BigDOOMson 5 päivää sitten
Happy Dad tall boys, BOYS!!!
Its Ryno
Its Ryno 5 päivää sitten
Bring them to Mississippi!!!
RICARDO 5 päivää sitten
INTRO: ....I wanna know something.....WHO else is scamming people like NELK!?.... *NOBODY*
Craig Tansley
Craig Tansley 5 päivää sitten
Ireland 🇮🇪
MSF KLIPZ 5 päivää sitten
The part when we herd a lil bit of drinking
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 5 päivää sitten
Put a shotgun peel hole on it.
danitarrio5 5 päivää sitten
ROBOMALEK 5 päivää sitten
where is Jesse? its not a prank he should be involved
Connie Talbot
Connie Talbot 6 päivää sitten
Bring it to the UK!
Mangomax 6 päivää sitten
Put in the work I want to try it but I live in Germany
Justin Jarrett
Justin Jarrett 6 päivää sitten
Plz get Happy Dad in gas stations. Every single shipment wouldn't last 2 days at the Alabama Street Sinclair in St. Joe Missouri!!
Vicente Padilla
Vicente Padilla 6 päivää sitten
Fucken dope bro ! Happy dad sounds like a really good beer 🍻
BlazingQuaker 6 päivää sitten
!!!Imma help Happy Dad 1day!🍻😈
Joeda.p 6 päivää sitten
"we made a fucking seltzer" Ad in 0secs
jad wilson
jad wilson 6 päivää sitten
If it's good enough for Jordan Belfort it's good enough for me.
Derick Dandy
Derick Dandy 6 päivää sitten
Should have been Nelkaseltzer
tonysearwax 7 päivää sitten
Bring it to Maryland and delawere please!
SHRAZZLE DAZZLE 7 päivää sitten
Let’s get happy dad to Australia! 🇦🇺
Steve Links
Steve Links 7 päivää sitten
i’ve been trying to buy but always sold out. 🥺 🇬🇧
Nick Lewis
Nick Lewis 7 päivää sitten
Joshua Dill
Joshua Dill 7 päivää sitten
I belive that now for sure. I didnt think you guys were the only one sending it hard. But i love you guys so much now. Amazing content. Nobody does it like you guys and i mean nobody. I deff doughted you at first but totally believe in you guys.
Will Bross
Will Bross 7 päivää sitten
This is the come up ... I don’t drink but this is making me thirsty
Mireily Rosado
Mireily Rosado 7 päivää sitten
Massachusetts let's goo
Jacob Childs
Jacob Childs 7 päivää sitten
How can I get yalls drink in my store I'm in gretna louisiana let me know
The Laugh Squad
The Laugh Squad 7 päivää sitten
Come to Colorado !!!!!!!
sneakysealpupTV 7 päivää sitten
Hell yeah WI represent!
Prince Vegeta-son
Prince Vegeta-son 7 päivää sitten
The fact that you could have just called it and nelk is the biggest blunder of your marketing you took so much time to be different that you ostracized yourself from just a clear winner that would just be nelk
ebayer 4Life
ebayer 4Life 7 päivää sitten
90% of your fangirl fan base can’t even drink lol
Colby Ruddick
Colby Ruddick 7 päivää sitten
Boys we fuckin need this in alberta!!!!!! I can't wait
Aaron Lajimodiere
Aaron Lajimodiere 3 päivää sitten
To bad seltzer is fucking bunk to drink
Sander Davidson
Sander Davidson 7 päivää sitten
we need this in norway!!
Harsh Pathak
Harsh Pathak 8 päivää sitten
bring this to INDIA
ALIEN-Oo-_-oO 8 päivää sitten
It’s sold out everywhere wussup with that?
MnEr0nE mmn
MnEr0nE mmn 8 päivää sitten
We need it in NYC
Loke_Worm 8 päivää sitten
i wish this was in europe
MedicalMansion 8 päivää sitten
This shit made me thirsty for 20 f..minutes 🤣
Joann Soriano
Joann Soriano 8 päivää sitten
I wish happy dad is avail in the philippines
Eoin Beatty
Eoin Beatty 9 päivää sitten
Ireland needs happy dad
Tanneli_ Lel
Tanneli_ Lel 9 päivää sitten
What about bringin happy dad to europe
Marko Lord
Marko Lord 9 päivää sitten
The shiny station cellularly bless because thunder successfully perform forenenst a piquant america. ceaseless, quixotic william
sad ora
sad ora 9 päivää sitten
Actually the uncensored Mr. Beast
Mitchell zimmerman
Mitchell zimmerman 9 päivää sitten
Erik Nelson
Erik Nelson 9 päivää sitten
angry dad would be the best name for the 12% er lol
Rick Marshall
Rick Marshall 9 päivää sitten
I’m Canadian make it 10% faxe ain’t noting
Bryan Alvarez
Bryan Alvarez 9 päivää sitten
Goats of youtube
Beers With Tiki
Beers With Tiki 9 päivää sitten
Where the hell can I get your happy dad seltzer’s????? I’m trying to shotgun into the weekend already.
Daniel England
Daniel England 9 päivää sitten
when's happy dad coming to England UK??!!!!
Hooliganism X2
Hooliganism X2 10 päivää sitten
To this day I have yet to try it sadly
Justin Collins
Justin Collins 10 päivää sitten
Can I buy it online and ship it to Canada
Justin Collins
Justin Collins 10 päivää sitten
We need this in Canada or New York!!!
brett hardin
brett hardin 10 päivää sitten
where do we get it?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy 10 päivää sitten
Cant wait to see Happy dad in stores in East Tennessee. Me and the boys cant wait to try it.
Christian Hao
Christian Hao 11 päivää sitten
Gotta get it to HAWAII
Wyatt Alani
Wyatt Alani 11 päivää sitten
Send it hawaii 🤙🏽
Jorge Delucas
Jorge Delucas 11 päivää sitten
Just need your own strain now
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